Which phone system should you choose for your business?

For any company that wants to prosper, having good relationships with customers is essential. Among the various commercial tools that allow you to do so, the telephone occupies a place of choice. It allows you to easily get in direct contact with the customer and creates a kind of proximity, necessary for conversions. However, when adopting the telephone, it is important to choose the right phone system. We present two of the most common systems in this article.

The VoIP phone system

For your various internal and external communications, opting for the VoIP phone system is the best option. This is a system whose lines are connected to the Internet. The voice messages you send are converted into digital data and sent over the Internet via a router. Still called IP telephony, it is the most recent system and all companies are using it. It has several advantages. It integrates very well with other business applications. Also, all devices connected to the Internet and equipped with PBX software can be used to make calls. You can visit https://aircall.io/blog/tech/what-is-a-voip-phone-system/ to learn more about this phone system.

PBX Phone System

This system is what can be described as a traditional system. The system uses traditional telephone cables, connected to dedicated equipment, a switch, for example. Each telephone line of the company takes through the junction box and a connection socket. With this system, the voice communication network is therefore separate from the company's data network.

How to choose between the two systems?

It is not enough to choose IP telephony because it is the most innovative solution for business communication. For your choice, you need to consider several parameters. For example, the cost of the system and the sound quality you want. You can also consider the reliability of the Internet as well as the configuration that you have at the moment.