Watch boxes : which one to choose ?

Watches are now considered very important accessories that play a key role in the composition of clothing styles. Therefore, it is therefore ideal to take care of them in order to keep them in good condition and maintain their shine. Discover in this article, the best boxes that allow you to properly arrange your watches.

The wooden watch box

Made with a perforated band, this wooden watch case is very perfect for those who have several watches to their credit. This watch storage box, with its 30.5 inches long, 21.5 inches wide and 9 inches high, it can keep up to 10 watches at least. To discover the other types of watch boxes, go to this site Speaking of its resistance, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It is made of various materials that allow it to withstand bad weather and always be spacious. In addition, each of its boxes is equipped with a cousin that you can simply remove or move. Likewise, there are small clothes offered upon purchase that you can use to properly maintain your precious watches.

The diamond watch box

The diamond watch box is a very ideal storage for wristwatch lovers. Just like the wooden watch box, this one too can hold 10 or more watches. The difference here is that the latter is made of glass which allows you to contemplate your watches without touching them. No matter what size your watches are, the diamond watch box is able to keep them and without any cracks. It is also characterized by the following dimensions :

  • Length : 14 inches ; 
  • Width : 8.5 inches ; 
  • Height : 3.5 inches.

It should be noted that this diamond case also has small boxes that can hold small size watches.

The watch case made of crocodile

This crocodile designed watch box is very petty so it can only keep small size watches. Although it is too tight, it can help you store your valuables safely. It is a very perfect storage box for you who only have small watches and by extension watches made of nylon, steel and leather. Finally, it should be noted that the watch box made of the crocodile is equipped with a device that protects your watches against any weakening.