Tips for photographing the night sky and stars

You are an astrophotography enthusiast and you would like to take excellent shots. However, you don't know how to really proceed, because you are just starting out. So, you will find in this article the necessary advice to take excellent night pictures.

Check the weather report

Before going to take pictures, it is essential to check some weather forecast. Indeed, the sky must be night and clear. This will allow you to make very clear astronomic photography. There is nothing good about taking very clear pictures of stars. To do this, make sure that there is no partial cloud cover in the atmosphere, as this may not make your photo clear. So, you should try to be creative in using the weather to your advantage. You need to keep an eye on the movement of the wind. In case the clouds are no longer moving, your images will be clear. It is important to pack all your photography equipment on the work field. This includes rechargeable batteries as well as memory cards, a headlamp and warm clothing. You should have other batteries in your possession to replace the ones that will be discharged, as they discharge very quickly once exposed to the cooler temperatures.

Look for the right location and choose the right time

It should be noted that relevance and research are the basics of astrophotography. In order for you to take excellent pictures, it is necessary to find the right combination of weather, location, time as well as date of taking the pictures. You can take pictures using a Canon EOS RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM at 22mm, 8s, f/3.5 and ISO 1250, because it is difficult to see the stars as well as the beautiful Milky Way in areas where there is too much light. To solve this problem, you have to go to the countryside or to wilderness areas. There, you have a huge advantage of photographing the sky well. Also, if you want to take better photos of the night sky, you should go to an area where there is no artificial lighting. Please take your photos at full moon or half moon outside of cities.