Social Media Algorithms and Platform Blamed for the Spread of Extreme Qanon Ideals

The truth is that ex-president Trump is at the heart of all the ridiculous Qanon beliefs that are spreading like wildfire. This is even though he is long gone as the first man in the nation.

The amount of ridiculous beliefs and claims by members of this group is very alarming. However, a previous believer in the ideals promoted by the leftist movement has shared her terrible experience and blamed social media platforms for their role in all this.

What’s the Qanon Movement all about?

The beliefs upheld by the Qanon group are so many and a large chunk of these ideals are hard to believe. This is more reason why it is alarming to think that people believe them.

The biggest assertion of the move is that ex-president Donald Trump is the righteous force set out to stop the bad guys in the nation’s political landscape. In fact, Hilary Clinton and a few others have been singled out by people who believe in the movement as a menace that needs to be eradicated.

While the ex-president has been cunny about asserting his belief or otherwise for this movement, he has stated that its believers are true lovers of the United States. This is a tactic used to gather support among these people whose radical and leftist ideologies revolve around him.

How Facebook, Tik Tok, and Other Social Media Platforms Are Contributing to the Spread of this Radical and Unsafe Belief

From the stance of a former believer of this movement who claims that she “is lucky to get back to her rightful senses”, she condemned the way social media algorithms are quick to expose users to this movement.

She explained that “this is how many people end up in this ideological scam that hurts their families, neighborhood, and the system at large”.

Facebook in particular has come up with new policies to control the influence of its platform on the political landscape. For instance, the mobs that attacked Capitol Hill on the 6th of January 2021 made extensive use of this platform while planning. So, it is expected that the social media big guys will take the right measure in this direction as well.