Presentation of the housing or colocation

If you wish to host your company's server without a dedicated room, you must be aware of the investment that it represents. The premises concerned by the installation and intended to shelter the technology related to the servers are supposed to respect the strictly defined security instructions. This points to both digital and physical access by some people. Also, permanent cooling of the servers is necessary, since they are called to operate regularly.

What is server colocation?

Still known as housing or server homing, colocation is a concept used to refer to the outsourced management of a server. This is defined as the outsourcing of a company's server hardware to a dedicated housing datacenter. More details can be found on KoDDoS. Data centers are managed by Internet service providers or ISPs for short, as long as they have the appropriate infrastructure. Most of these centers offer enough space to back up third-party servers on what can be called "storage arrays."

Who is housing or colocation for?

Any company, regardless of its industry, is concerned with outsourcing the server to a data center reserved for housing. But provided that the network connection and the premises of the latter do not comply with the instructions required in case of worries about the functioning of the security equipment. Colocation or server hosting offers companies the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a high-performance, state-of-the-art IT structure without touching their own server. The advantage of this operation is particularly noticeable in a case where the server contains highly sensitive cookies that deserve to be protected against third party access.