Plans to Question Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Director over January 6th Mob Attack at the Capitol Hill

In almost 2 months after the unfortunate incident that saw the Capitol Hill premises violated by pro-trump supporters, the dust is not yet settled. This is considering how the lawmakers are not leaving any stone untouched in getting to the root of the matter. It is in light of this that the director of the FBI will soon be facing a series of questions by the senate committee on the matter.

Why the FBI Director has to Face the Music

As far as the lawmakers, political analysts, and several citizens are concerned, the siege that took place on the 6th of January is not a mere incident. The house leader had even briefed the press on how a committee similar to the one that handled matters regarding the 9/11 attack will oversee matters in this regard. This is because the incident that took place on that day was nothing short of internal terrorism.

In light of this, the FBI director is one of the key security figures that will be summoned very soon by the senate committee on the matter. This is because information on such possible incidents is usually reported as Intel to the relevant security operatives on the ground.

The questioning will likely focus more on if reliable Intel was forwarded on the matter if there was a political directive to withhold Intel and other questions in this regard.

Not the First Time

It should be noted that the FBI director is not the first security official that will be questioned about the incident. For instance, the administrators and security agents of the Capitol Hill Police Department have had the greatest confrontation from the lawmakers and investigators about the incident.

A while ago, it was reported that 3 officers of the police department are indefinitely suspended until an investigation about their role in the siege is concluded.