How to maintain your bathroom ?

The maintenance of your bathroom is a priority for your health. Eliminating waste and stains is not easy, but very simple if you use the right products to do it. How to maintain your bathroom? What are the best products to remove stains and germs ? This article, teaches you more.

Tidy up

To do a good maintenance, you must tidy up your bathroom. First, consider getting rid of unusable items and materials. De-cluttering is necessary in order to properly spread out cleaning products. Start by putting away linens, floor and ceiling towels, cosmetics and more. It may be tedious, but it's necessary for an effective property job. Visit my site to get a clear picture.

Cleaning the shower or bathtub

To hear, the bathroom stimulates the shower or bathtub. So start your maintenance there, to remove stains and lime waste. It is a place that you must take care to clean well. Please also clean the tiles with special attention to the joints. The use of natural or chemical products is recommended. To all this, add a sponge or a soft cleaner to avoid scratching the faucet. 
Cleaning the sink, mirrors and windows 
Toothpaste stains spread all over the sink is a warning. With a natural product, soft sponge, remove the microbes from the basin and faucets. White vinegar is a better natural product used for this purpose. However, do not forget to take care of the soap dish and the brush glass. Make the windows and mirrors shine by using microfiber dipped in water and a shower scraper. 

Cleaning the floor

  Finalize your maintenance by cleaning the floor. Removing waste, germs and clarity from your floor can take a while. Use floor towels and brushes with handles for the job. Be careful with the tile so it doesn't slip.