How much should I budget for a bathroom cabinet?

Furnishing your bathroom is a great idea that will not only give your bathroom a new decorative style, but will also allow you to better store your accessories. Among the different types of furniture that you can install in the bathroom, you can choose the vanity. Throughout this article, you will discover the budget you can budget for this installation.

The cost of installing a vanity in the bathroom

You have the option of installing a vanity in your bathroom. The price you will pay for this installation will depend on certain factors. To learn more, visite site. Indeed, the installation of a vanity in your bathroom can cost you on average between 300 and 3800 euros. Speaking of factors that influence the price, you have the size of the cabinet, the number of sinks to place and the materials to use. The type of service can also be taken into account to estimate the price of the installation. In the case where, you have to remove a cabinet first before installing the new one, you need to budget more.

The cost of installing a vanity for a double sink

When you decide to install a vanity under two sinks, you should know that this option is more expensive than the previous one. You also have to buy some additional accessories. Taking for example the countertops, you will spend between 200 and 500 euros on average to get it if it is integrated with the sink. However, there are some precautions you can take to keep the price of your installation down.
To do this, you can look for the people who sell the furniture. Then try to discuss the price with each of them. You can then buy the furniture from the one who offers you the lowest price. Then opt for a versatile plumber or do the assembling yourself if you have the necessary tools.