Former Barcelona President and Three Others facing Financial Misappropriation Charges from Spanish Authorities

The former president of the Catalan club resigned sometime in October last year. This decision was not surprising considering that the former top administrator cut an unpopular figure among fans, fellow club administrators, and players such as Lionel Messi.

What Happening in Barcelona Again?

Going by recent events, the ex-president is still not done with the Catalan club’s business. This is even though he is out of office. Of late, the ex-president has been facing some serious financial misappropriation charges.

To make matters worse, the situation must be very critical given how the former Barcelona president was arrested and detained by security agents in the country. However, he is not the only one caught up in this mess as 3 other people are facing the charges.

This is happening at such a sensitive time in the club's history. For one, the Covid-19 pandemic has been very harsh on the Catalan club’s revenue. This is especially harsh considering that the football club is well known for breaking the bank when it comes to recruiting players and offering salaries.

Even though the club had to let go of the likes of Suarez and a few others, it is still facing the adverse effects of the pandemic. Additionally, the fact that playing legend and fan-favorite – Lionel Messi; has expressed his desire to leave is a major setback for the club.

How About the Current Club Administrators?

The administrators are a very critical part of how things play out in the football club. For instance, Dani Alves expressed how they did nothing in the best interest of the club anymore.

Fans are seriously hoping that the upcoming elections with 3 contestants in the race will usher in the kind of administration that the Catalan club needs at the moment.

Among the contestants are a former president, a businessman, and one other person. Certain supporters think the club could use an administrator who is not just there to increase the club’s financial revenue. They want to see things change in the results that happen on the pitch. This is especially at a time when the club is not doing very well domestically and internationally.