Essentials to know about chatbot

Chatbots are applications that interact with the public in different ways.  Certainly, when opening a web page, WhatsApp or a social network, you have already come across one. In this article, you will know the importance of a chatbot.

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are tools created to chat via SMS as if they were human.  In other words, its function is to simulate a conversation with a person as naturally as possible. To learn more, visit some sites. To make this a reality, there are two most common approaches.  The first is to manually list the questions and answers, chosen according to the terms entered by the client.  

However, because it uses an approximation method, this type of chatbot tends to be inaccurate. With the use of artificial intelligence, it is now possible to develop more accurate solutions.  By intelligently evaluating the questions entered in the chat service, the machine is able to analyze the context to provide the best possible answer.  To generate engagement, this is the most effective approach.

Advantages of the chatbot

24-hour service: Unlike human agents, chatbots do not have working hours.  In other words, they stay online at all times of the day, ready to answer customer questions.  Obviously, this technology is not capable of performing every step of customer service and does not replace real agents, but it is a way to provide the first service at the exact moment the customer needs it. 
In terms of engagement, this practice makes the customer feel more valued and makes it easy to find the service they want.  After all, nothing is worse than searching for a company's contact form and having to wait days for a return. Easy implementation: Another advantage of using this technology is its ease of implementation.  

Generally, chabots are compatible with the most widely used website building platforms.  In WordPress, for example, there are plugins that make this process much easier.  Similarly, platforms such as IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure make it easy to create bots, even for those who are not proficient in programming languages.