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How to start searching for long lost ancestors? There are FREE courses on the internet for beginners and web sites chock full of information on where to go what to do and how to do it. This page is to guide your first steps with links to the best places. The page will be up-dated regularly as time permits so come back often. I will be only to pleased to answer any questions you may have to help you with your ancestral quest.I have given links at the bottom of this page to those that I found most helpful , if you know of a good site that you would like to see included please email the Webmaster The first thing you will need if you intend to put up a home page is reliable software. There are lots of Genealogy Software packages to choose from for making your family tree if you do not want to spend time and effort learning html. Virtual Mechanics has a few non expensive wysiwyg ptograms. they are the easiest ones I have found and comes with all the bells and whistles if you need them. It is also the least expensive of the new dynamic html editors, gets a five star review from Zdnet, Slaughter house and most of the other well known on-line stores and does a good job.If you know the area your family came from e.g. Middleton Manchester England, it is well worth your while to join the Family History Society for that area. Not only do you get a small book three or four times a year but the local members who are interested in genealogy will help others far away, in searches, plus they know much more about the locality. I have traced my family back to 1723 in Middleton and my husband's family to 1812. During the process I have made lots of friends on both sides of the Atlantic and learned to appreciate the different cultures. I have been astounded to learn of the many nationalities that have shown up in my own family tree. Here are links to some of the best genealogy software sites and links to other important pages.
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