This page is  Middleton as it was before WW11. After the war it became part of Greater Manchester. Progress is what it is all about and we cannot go back. However, for those of us who grew up in Middleton before the war this is a nostalgic visit and a link the past. Middleton as a settlement dates from the 7th centuryAnyone doing Genealogy research in this area will find a wealth of information in the records of the Parish Church which has been standing on top of the hill since the eleventh century.A couple of miles from Oldham and Rochdale it was a busy thriving cotton mill town.If you are researching genealogical links in Middleton you should join the Middleton Mailing List
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Stephen George White
June  1952 - 2002

Jimmmy White's Band
Around the Manchester area in the late 1940's  to late 1950's

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