Global Concerns over China’s Ability to Properly Host the Upcoming Winter Olympic Games

The Chinese authorities have been in the face of many people. Of late, reports reaching this news indicate that several persons have expressed dissatisfaction at the decision of the International Olympic Committee to appoint China as the host nation of the upcoming winter games.

Why the Concern?

Several athletes, human rights organizations, sports analysts, and secular individuals have put question marks on the ability of the Chinese authorities to safely host the 2022 winter Olympic Games.

This concern is in light of the Asian superpower’s foreign policy and treatment of certain marginalized groups in the nation. For instance, the United States intelligence has reported at various times how certain groups of people such as Muslims are held up in concentration camps and violated in various ways.

In particular, a 2-time gold Olympic medalist has come out to debunk the decision to allow a biased nation like China to host the event. This sportsperson has explained how the athletic world is unfair to certain athletes that hold unconventional ideological views. She stressed that many of these athletes have to choose between making a mark in the game and living a sane life void of human rights abuse by certain organizers.

What Is the IOC’s take on the Matter?

The International Olympic Committee has been unmoved in its decision to allow China to host the event. This is despite the massive outcry from human rights organizations, athletes, sports analysts, and from various quarters.

In defending its decision, the sporting body has clearly stated that the political landscape of a host nation is not a factor in choosing the host. This is because the sporting body of the nation has to respect the IOC’s charter on fairness and protecting the human rights of athletes.

A sports analyst recently came down heavy on the IOC for taking this stance. He stated that “the official statement by the IOC is worthy in theory but not in practice. It is most likely that the IOC ran out of options considering that 2 nations were willingly left in the hosting race and had no choice but to hand the reins to China”.

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